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Post by Adam on Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:27 am

Pacing around, waiting on the ship to land he couldn't help but wonder what Alice was doing, if she was alright, if he was going to see her sister again even if he wasn't related to her in any way other than through Alice. "Adam?" He turns to see Shelby, "You have to relax, thinking about her will only make things slower." He nods as he head to the crew hull to sleep.

About three weeks later the ship arrives at it's location, everyone but the captain gets off, the island was fairly large to say that 2500 plus members were not crowded everywhere like he thought they would be. A few minutes of travel and they reached a long bluish crystal like bridge that went to the a tall building with six statues on side of the large, metal doors that was surrounded by a sea of water.

They walk to the building, but only Blanka enters. "Yeeeeep, that's what happened when you're not a high enough rank." Several hours pass by before finally five of the Six Deadly Six leaders come walking out of the building. "Alright, this is the plan, we're going to wipe out our bounty by taking Unity for our own." Spoke a member with the number '2' written on the hood of their cloak.

About another three weeks and they were back in Sylibia where they had to plan their assault.

Skills & Abilities

Speed 3
Power 3
Agility 3
Stamina 3: physical stamina 3, Endurance 3, Will power 3
Offense 1: Hand-to-Hand 3, Dual wield 0
Defense 1:Counter 0,Block 3, Parry 2
Crafting 0
Leadership: 0

Swords: 3


Shadow dash 3

Shadow Slice 2

Stat boost 2

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