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Post by Adam on Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:38 pm

Every now and then I will create characters that can be played by other users, but some of the characters are locked and requirements must be met in order to make that character available.

Takuto "No Self-Esteem" Nishi

Skills: Agility 5 Speed 6 Stamina 5: physical stamina 5 Defense 3:Parry 3 Block 3 Awareness 3 Offense 4: Weapons 4 combo 4

Personal Skill: Air Dance 4- The character can effortlessly attack while fluidly jumping around.

Weapon Specialization 6

Items: Bandages, Medicine, food, water.

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Rouge Assassin

Background: Takuto was a former assassin and is probably the only assassin that is still alive, although he is no longer apart of guild he still sticks to his old job which is to stealth-fully kill his target, during his down time he likes to stalk watch people to see what they do as far as their routine schedule is concerned.

Requirement: None

Skills & Abilities

Speed 3
Power 3
Agility 3
Stamina 3: physical stamina 3, Endurance 3, Will power 3
Offense 1: Hand-to-Hand 3, Dual wield 0
Defense 1:Counter 0,Block 3, Parry 2
Crafting 0
Leadership: 0

Swords: 3


Shadow dash 3

Shadow Slice 2

Stat boost 2

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Takuto Nishi Left_bar_bleue3/10Takuto Nishi Empty_bar_bleue  (3/10)
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