Grades = Skill Leveling

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Grades = Skill Leveling

Post by Adam on Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:08 pm

The grade you get determines the number of skill points you can get. Everyone starts out with an A, also the level up rules change, now you get to pick one skill and one ability every two weeks.

F-You get no skill
D-A mod will choose a skill from one of your classes.
C-A mod will pick two skills from two of your classes.
B-You are allowed to pick two skills from the classes you took.
A-You are allowed to pick two skills and one ability to level up.
S- You get two skills, one ability and one special ability. Your special ability will be created by a mod.

How grades are earned

Grades are earned by completing assignment, quest and by winning tornaments as well as spars. You can loose a grade by failing any of theses.

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