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Post by Adam on Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:05 am

After a year of the bandit's constant raids and careless killing, burglary etc the court finally decided to step in and lend a hand, sending one of their own to hand pick five suitable warriors act out heroic deeds, that were needed to control the growth of bandits. For one year they recieved special training from multiple teachers including the academy. With their new found abilities and unlocked talents the creed is prepaired to irraticate all evil.


Edric  Stone

Hero's Creed Great-Sword-Knight-2-187176030

Eric calls the shots, he wields the enchanted Great Sword of Oden, not only is it a one of a kind but the sword was given the ability to grab earth from the area around him, improve his strength and swing speed. Amongs the equipment he wears an enchanted silver armor with a golden tint, the armor was designed to grab the available earth around him and to deflect all of the common element attacks such as water, fire, ice etc, but was limited to void and water magic. (Unavailable)

A hot headed flame specialist who speaks as much as he fights, with light armor he is able to swiftly move threw croweds of men while dishing out a ton a damage on the way. He is popular for his blue flame ability which allows him to use an infinite amount of stamina for a decent amount of time. (Available)


Archer, negotiator, Recon and spying. Her Archer skills allows her to use sharp shooting, and her ability to shoot five arrows at a time, and not mising a single arrow. She wears light enchanted leather armor that affects her arm speed when drawing her arrows.


A wierd, awakward and childish person who speaks through a monotone voice. She's the most valuable person to the court because she is the only person known to specialize in three magic abilities, void, dark and light, due to her specialty in void and light she was able to develope a skill, energy absorb which can drain her target of either their life force, energy or youth, it also is the reason why she looks like a teen but really shes in her beggining tweenties.  It's rumored that she's a necromancer, but no on really knows it, they just assume it. Outside of her magic she is an excellent hand to hand fighter who can use sharp edge guantlets. (Unavailable)


An expert dual wielder who earned the nickname,'bladedancer' , she wears no armer, just really tight cloths so that she doesn't get caught during combat, she has an abilitywhere she links the back of her swords and spins them violently, causing a tornado to come out of it, and thanks to her enchantment skills she is able to enchant weapons and armors on the fly which gives her and her friends abilities, like her cloths that are enchanted with lightning allowing her to move quickly from point A to point B, due to her skills she tends to go out on her own to fight off evil, and thanks to her invisaability skill that she natrually had from the accident she can sneak by almost anyone, especially with her stealth. (Unavailable)

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