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Post by Adam on Sun Oct 13, 2013 2:57 pm

Name: Adam Blaze


Appearance: 5'11 with broad shoulders an average build and red, pointy hair that shifts in in one direction when he's stable but moves all over the place during combat or just quick movement in general. He wears a white shirt, a black coat with a fire logo on the back, black pants black shoes and a silverish red mask over his eyes with diagnal space infront of his eyes to see. His hair often glows a bright red red when his sword responds to his anger, his eyes change from black to red.

Type: Human

Guild/Organization: Deadly Six

Personality: Filled with rage that he keeps hidden behind a calm, and carefree face, until he's temted, then he shows his true colors. When under a stressful situation he's calm, often looking for a way out of the problem, if he can find a way out then his chaotic side starts to loose control of himself and becomes very chaotic.

Bio: Adam was born into the Deadly Six by a father that he never met, he was given a sword that could control darkness from one the members from the top tier. He was given a skull marking as soon as he was able to reach ten years of age, he was even sentunder the wing of one of the most power of the Six, he was never able to get a name from this person but he was able to nickname them,"Alice" and for the last few years of he life he's been serving as their personal assistance, thanks to this he's able to get more potentially risky and somewhat dangerous missions to take. Now at age 18 he is working his way to being the perfect soilder within their ranks.

Goals: Adam plans on becoming a top tier member of the deadly six, and doing jobs that almost impossible to do, try to figure out who his father is that he may meet him, become the perfect soilder and one day figure out the secret of the shining light that he sees illuminating part of the sky at night.

Alignment: Chaotic

Personal Skills:

Shadow Dash- Thanks to the weapon that was given to him at birth Adam can move to the point where untrained eyes cant see him, this skill is flawed during the day as his sword draws it's power from darkness whether it be from the darkness of light not being present or even just the darkness within one's soul.

Shadow Slice- With a swing of his sword an arch of shadows smash into whatever it is that comes infront of it. This skill also increases his sword movement speed which can allow him to swing faster than normal, he can also use the skill to shoot his sword out like a bow being shot from an arrow, which increases his draw speed.

Weapon: Bounded Sword

Weapon Specialization: Sword

Items: Water bottle, small bag.

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