How PVP, PVE, and GVG

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How PVP, PVE, and GVG Empty How PVP, PVE, and GVG

Post by Adam on Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:51 pm

When Players are fighting other players it is importantnt to know what you can and cant do.

1 Auto Hit

You cannot, I repeat, "cannot" auto hit another player unles they have been gone for over 48 hours, at that point you must pm a either me or a mod that you have waited 48 hours, or you post in a thread that you will be gone for x number of days withe max being 7 before you are auto hit.

2 Critical Strike

You are not allowed to say that your attacks will do more damage than normal to another player unless they allow it.

3 Combat

The way combat works is that each player gets three attacks each unless they have combo as a skill which then they would get an extra turn.


I'm not really too worried about PVE so long as you are reasonable with it, I do however have to put rules in place just to make sure.

1 Knowing limits

Your character is not some main character in a movie and there for should be played as their skill level dictates which means I should not see someone with lvl 1 in every single skill taking out handfuls of enemies with a single strike or taking on people that are far stronger than they are and killing them off without breaking a single sweat. This kind of over zealous role play will get your character killed.


GVG is somewhat simple, which ever guild has the best men who are better equiped is most likely to win a battle, however there are some rules that must be followed.

1 Meeting Rival Guilds

In order for a guild battle to even begin one must first come in contact with a guild to know of it's existance. This can happen either during a chance encounter, while in a guild tornament or even while trying to control territory.

2 Guild Wars

To start a guild war you must start a thread and PM the leader of a rival guild to join, normal NPCs' will be effected based on the condition of Player Characters. For example if one out of the three PCs are kill/injured then at the end of the battle 1/3 of the NPCs will either die or be wounded. Half of the NPCs lost are regained every three weeks.

3 Members

I'm willing to allow you to have many members to begin with so long as you provide a place for all of them, meaning you need camps or a habital. In order to get members to follow you into battle you need territory, to occupy territory you must remove the occupants. Each territory can raise ythe number of members you are allowed to travel with 10 followers per area owned. You also get members for every level of leadership.

4 Member stats

Your leadership will dictate the power of your members, every time you rose one level in leadership you get 2 points to add to their stats. The stats can be leveled up are as followed.

Offensive power
Defensive skill
Moral- this is a new skill that's going to brought in as a way to help decide how much your members will put up with before retreating.(Moral will go up and down depending on the situation)

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How PVP, PVE, and GVG Left_bar_bleue3/10How PVP, PVE, and GVG Empty_bar_bleue  (3/10)
How PVP, PVE, and GVG Left_bar_bleue3/10How PVP, PVE, and GVG Empty_bar_bleue  (3/10)

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