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Post by Adam on Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:12 pm

Before reading anything else one should have the most important to play knowledge, it's type. The Rp will be a free form game with number-rank-skills to determine how good your character is. The ranks will be from 10 being a master, to 1 being a rookie. Before you even think to go and throw your magic around nonchalantly you keep in mind that not everyone accepts magic users and you could most likely be killed if you are reckless. You are allowed to ask for a 1 level skill boost in your application, if you are lucky you may get that boost. Whenever you reach 3 in leadership then you will be allowed to take over or start a small-fameless guild, when you reach 8 in power, speed, stamina and agility you will be equally as strong as one of the court members and will be able to challenge them, however it's still impossible to challenge them on your own as there are more than one.

1 Posting in Threads

You are allowed to post in one Thread at any given time, if you are in more than one thread at a time you will be given a warning, the second time your char will loose some of it's power, the third time your char will be deleted; you will have to start over.

2. Movie Characters

As you all know, in most movies that you see the Hero, Good Guy or even just the Main Character in general goes into battle and comes out unharmed after going up aginst 40-50 people whether it be in a shoot out, unarmed combat or a high speed chase. Your character is not a movie star or Superman so be realistic when you are putting yourself against impossible odds. If your skill level cant handle it then don't try it. However it doesn't go without saying, you are allowed to stealthfully take out all 30 or 40 men with in reason, or you can use a few well placed traps. REMEMBER not to bite off more than you can chew or you will be auto kill if caught.


Yes, PVP is allowed in this game however there are some rules that come with it.

4 God Mode

Unless your char is better than your opponent by a large gap then you cannot just effortlessly take them out, any you cant take hit after hit and keep going or dodge every single attack one after the other unless your speed and agility is just absolut over them.5

5 Controlling Players

Unless you are given control of another players character then you are not allowed to control them, I know it would be nice to say,"And he fell to his knes at the might of Lord Pasher." The would be another form of GOD MODDING and it will not be tolerated.

6 Auto Hit

Your character is not allowed to auto hit another player unless you've been in a battle with them and they are afk for longer 48 hours.

7. There are many skills in Sylibia, some that are viewable and others that havent been invented yet. The way to level up is simple, every Sunday you will have to pm me two skills that you want to level up and then you pick a skill that you think you can level up which totals up to three skills that you may level up. At the end of every month you will have the option of either learning a new skill or learning a new ability(For those that can use magic). Your skills are ranked 1-10, 1 being weak or newbish and 10 being strong or a skill master.

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