Race, and Starter Skillls

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Race, and Starter Skillls

Post by Adam on Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:20 am

There 4 differen Races, Humans, shifters, Spellcasters and Enchanters.

Spellcasters- There are two types of spellcasters, you have your standard who cast multiple spells and then you have your specialists who are only able to cast one spell but they make up for it with their power being much stronger in that area and they lvl up their skill faster. The starter skills are as followed.

Standered- lvl 2 Mana lvl 1 Magic: lvl 2 Fire lvl 2 Water lvl 2 Earth lvl 2 Wind

Note that you cant combine magic until you reach level 3 magic and level 2 in the magic you combine. Ex: You combine lvl 2 Fire with lvl 2 Earth to make molten rock.

Specialist lvl 2 combat- lvl 2 defense or offense lvl 1 stamina lvl 3 Magic: lvl 4 in any element that you choose to specialise in.

Bodyshifter- Shifters have the ability to transeform their body at will. Starter skills are as followed.

lvl 2 Magic: lvl 2 Shifting lvl 2 Defence or offence lvl 3 stamina

Enchanters- Enchanters have a gifted ability to make any or all items stronger and even change their form.

lvl 2 Magic: Enchantment 2 lvl 2 speed lvl 2 stamina lvl 2 Offence or Defence

Humans- Humans have no magical skill, but they make up for it by their numbers; ability to adapt. Since they do not have magic they get two extra skill choices, which totals to 12.

lvl 2 stamina lvl 2 speed lvl 2 agility lvl 2 power

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