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Post by Adam on Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:08 pm

The Deadly Six is an organized group of bandits that started off with just six people who all had the same goals, power, wealth, fear and control. They hardly ever commit crimes during the day, but they always operated at night. They steal money from the weak, murdered, pillaged, and burned down property of any who dared resisted. After making a name for themselves they ended up getting the attention of others like them, from there the Deadly Six started grew. After two years they became organized, now they are hard to track, there are so many members that a three branch split was set in place. They wear tattoos that showed their rank in the organization, it also showed how dangerous they were however, their ranks are concealed when traveling durring the day to protect their identity. Their primary HQ can be found on an island near Sylibia.

Top branch- The most dangerous, hard to find, and even harder to catch and few in numbers taking up only 3% of the organization. They are the ones who are doing hitman jobs as well as high-class jobs. A skull is added to the two crossed bones, completing the tattoo.

Second Branch- Somewhat dangerous people who are used for organized crimes like sabotage, blackmail, bribing, black marketing and are somewhat common, taking up 28% of the organization's population. The tattoo adds another diagonal bone, crossing the bones to symbolize their deadliness.

Low Branch- Used for nothing more than a main force, they are also used to show their existences and to strike fear anyway possible. They are allowed to act out on their own and are the only semi-unorganized branch of the organization. They are tattooed with a diagonal bone.

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