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Post by Adam on Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:22 pm

Past events:

1000- Sylibia is discovered.
1000- Ships reach Sylibia, war begins and lasts for 175 years.
1175- Four major factions are born, another 49 years of battle.
1224- A court is created, the four factions begin to trade with each other, "The Sylibia Alliance" is created, Ten years go by.
1234- A beam of energy shoots out of the court and strikes all over sylibia.
1235- Sylibia is now in a state of recovery after the Crisis of the mysterious beam that caused abnormal humans to be created.
1250- The empires have been fully repaired and are currently taking care of their people, four new empire kings have been announced.
1257- The population grows to over 8 million, over populating the empires.
1260- Villages are built around the blank spaces of Sylibia due to compensate for the over population.:
1265- An organization of bandits rise and wreak havoc on Sylibia and it's people.
1266- A group of heros founded by the court rises to stop the organization.

Current Events

1269- The Deadly Six overrun the empire Unity, taking the empire for themselves.
1269- Word of the event reaches the Court.

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