Assassin's Guild

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Assassin's Guild

Post by Adam on Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:24 pm

The once powerful guild that completely disappeared from existence, no one knows what happened to them, but they are gone. When they were in power they were lead by an apprentice who rarely showed her face to the guild members, she was instead replaced by a messenger that would speak on her behalf. She was known to be able to use powerful illusions and even poison her targets. Her most typical weapon that she would use was the one that was handed down to her by her last guild master. The guild tower that stands is hard to notice as it blends in with the environment for those whose eyes weren't trained to see it. They usually wore a black cloak with little armor to protect them, they also bear the insignia marking on their backs, arms, legs, and faces. They are held up in tunnels just like the blood guild, but the difference between them is that their inner walls are made up of bricks, and are dimly illuminated.

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