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History of Sylibia Empty History of Sylibia

Post by Adam on Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:43 am

Sylibia has a history of death and war, it all started when countries from all over the world tried to move to the island. upon arrival a war broke out that lasted for one hundred and seventy-five years. In that time four major factions were born, they then went to war with each other for another forty-nine years before finally coming to a peace agreement. They decided to stop the bloodshed between each other and from there a court was built in the middle of the island where the four leaders would come to discuss the relation between each other. Eventually they became allies and traded with each other, this trade is what came to make the four factions known as 'The Sylibia Alliance'. During this time they began to gain immigrants, after ten years the population grew to over five million.

After ten full years of no violence a new problem emerged from the very same court that was meant to keep the peace. Energy began to shoot out of the the court and strike all over the island, some people became sick by this unknown beam, few even died. The ones that didn't die became know as Abnormals who could use powers. The mysterious energy that still beams from the court has not been discovered, some say it was a god given gift, others say that it is a curse, but no one other than the four rulers would know it's true cause. It was agreed upon by all four that no one would know other than them. For many centuries they've guarded the palace, and they still do to this very day, for an odd reason they won't age, as if they are untouched by time for the rest of their eternities. Only the strongest of all will be able to defeat them and uncover the truth behind the beam of light that caused some of the population to use magic. After a year the four factions grow into empires, small guilds were created all over Sylibia.

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History of Sylibia Left_bar_bleue3/10History of Sylibia Empty_bar_bleue  (3/10)
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